Middle Island Keepers' Lodge
Join us for the ultimate outdoor experience on secluded Middle Island!  Located on majestic Lake Huron, Middle Island
received its name as a result of its location midway between the North Point of Thunder Bay Island and Presque Isle
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Encompassing approximately 300 acres of rugged, natural beauty, Middle Island lies two miles offshore of a deserted
limestone quarry on northern Lake Huron. Once part of a busy light station, Middle Island still has plenty to offer its
guests- even if your only other residents are the white-tail deer, rabbits, song birds, seagulls, and an elusive bald
eagle.  Middle Island is a true unspoiled, outdoor retreat.
In 2003, final work was completed on the renovation of the former U.S. Coast Guard foghorn building, transforming it
into a rustic lodge (now called the "Keepers' Lodge").  Guests can enjoy the unique experience of staying on an
uninhabited island while still having modern conveniences at their disposal.  A perfect retreat for a honeymoon, your  
anniversary, family reunions, or the ultimate in lighthouse getaways.  The lodge is recognized as one of the "best kept
secrets" for accommodations in Alpena or Michigan for that matter.
A narrated cruise filled with shipwreck and island lore and a tour of Middle Island's lighthouse is included with every
stay.  We also invite you to enjoy some (or all) of the following:
Bird Watching
Down Time with Family and/or Friends
Middle Island Keepers' Lodge, Diving, & Boat Tours
Middle Island Lighthouse
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Weekend Boat Tours:
Join us May through September for one of our periodically
scheduled boat tours.
Groups of two or more people can easily plan their own specific

Captain Mike Theut takes you on a nautical tour of Middle Island
and the waters surrounding it.  Journey the 2 1/2 miles out to the
island in approximately 30 minutes.  Capt. Mike is a great host,
and loves to share informative, (well, made-up), stories about the
island, the lighthouse, and even about a shipwreck or two down
in the depths of Lake Huron!
Once the boat tour is complete, you will head to Middle Island's
dock.  From this point, it's a short hike on a well groomed trail to
the Lighthouse and the Keepers' Lodge.  Enjoy the view, and
don't forget to bring a lunch and your camera!
Total tour time is around 3 1/2 - 4 hours.  Tours cost $40 per
adult,  $30 (17 - 12 y/o) and $20 (11 y/o and younger)
are needed
!  Please call Capt. Mike @ (305) 900-8240 at least 24
hours prior to the scheduled trip to check for availability.  If you
would like your own specifically scheduled trip for your group,
please call a week or more in advance.
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Bunkhouse for up to two people
Departure of divers at Rockport Harbor from Island Freighter II
Former Foghorn Building/Keepers' Lodge
Vessel Island Freighter II